Unmadvati (Supports Healthy Anxiety Levels, Stress Levels and Sleep)


Relief from Stress and Insomnia

Use:Supplement that supports healthy anxiety levels, stress Levels and sleep

Ingredients: Shankhavali Ghan, Brahmi Ghan, Jatamansi Ghan, Nagarmotha Ghan, Piplmul Ghan, Sarpagandha Ghan, Ashwagandha Ghan, Valo Ghan, Kapurkachli Ghan, Vekhand Ghan, Malkangni Ghan, Kamal Ghan, Khurasani Ghan

Dosage: 1 pill two times a day


A good night’s sleep is the body’s way of accumulating the energy we need to function at our full capacity in the coming day. Not only does sufficient sleep helps improve the body’s physical prowess, but also enhances your memory, creativity, and alertness. It helps reduce stress and boosts the immune system. For some, sleep comes naturally, for others falling asleep can be a bit of a struggle. But, not anymore. All thanks to the Ayurvedic supplement for hypertension, sleep and stress management, Unmadvati!

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Unmadvati is essentially a supplement thatsupports healthy anxiety levels, stress Levels and sleepand is created using some of the choicest herbs. Formulated with the aim of offering relief from hypertension and insomnia, this supplement comprises of various brain toners such as Bramhi, Jatamansi, and Shatavari, which help improve the memory while reducing mental stress.

Ayurveda refers to insomnia as Anidra and points the cause of this to the imbalance of the doshas, which results in the poor nourishment of the brain cells, eventually leading to insomnia. Unmadvati is an ideal anxiety supplement, which helps control strong emotions such as anger and fear. The components of this stress relief supplement not only enhance the mental clarity, but also helps minimize natural cognitive defects associated with old age and children. This Ayurvedic hypertension supplement offers quick relief, and helps you enjoy a sound sleeping schedule!

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Pack Size

3, 6, 12

Suggested Use

1 pill, two times a day.

Minimum Course: 3 months


Some of the most prominent herbs used in Unmadvati are as follows –

Also called Shankapushpi, this herb popularly known as the “Brain Tonic”. It helps to improve memory, treats epilepsy, controls vomiting and helps to cure a headache. It also stimulates the treatment of diabetes.

Also called Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha is essentially an element or Rasayana that increases longevity and vitality. It is prescribed for arresting aging process, revitalizing the body in debilitated conditions, boosting immunity as well as treating musculoskeletal conditions.

Derived from the Asparagus plant, this Ayurvedic herb increases the brain power and helps relieve mental stress.

Jatamansi ghan

Also known as Spikenard, Jatamansi is a natural brain nervine tonic, a memory enhancer, and a daytime tranquiliser which has a calming effect. It is widely used to treat neuropsychiatric diseases as it helps maintain hormonal balance in the nervous system, thereby preventing seizures in epileptic patients.

Brahmi ghan
Also known as Bacopa, Bramhi helps relieve stress and is therefore used as a treatment for various ailments such as migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, ADHD, and epilepsy, amongst others. It also acts as a daytime tranquilizer and brain cell toner.

This prominent Ayurvedic herb is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It offers relief from inflammations in the circulatory system and nervous system.

Also known as Sweet Flag or Sweet Root, Vekhand treats different clinical conditions such as digestive system problems, gas, bloating, bronchitis, fever, asthma, cough, rheumatism, etc. Its rhizome oil acts as a nerve stimulant, sedative as well as an analgesic.

Also known as Henbane or Jupiter’s Bean, this prominent herb proves to be quite effective for headaches, rheumatism, toothaches, kidney stones and liver pain. It has calming effects and provides relief from insomnia also.


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